Net2you co ltd

Net2You offers a variety of products and solutions that allow individuals and businesses around the world to simplify and economize the communications. 

Net2You offer a convergence of technologies, platforms and content for VoIP and hosting switch service.

Net2You has multi-year experience in the IP sector. It started as an Internet Service Provider, which ensures the Group knowledge of the technology providing the best platform for the future in the light of this unique network.

Net2You has long term international experience in the European and Asia telecom market.

Net2You Group designs and develops cutting-edge convergent telco platforms.  They are uniquely scalable and flexible, enabling the users to adopt easy solutions for their communications needs. 

Net2You Group has taken on the mission of pursuing to the maximum the development and the implementation of products in the real of IP technology to provide clients with systems that they can use for voice, data and video communications.

Net2You has established a commercial agreement and partnership with a major international group which has a high value and technological subject in IP world.

Shareholders are representative by mixed structure between international company's investors and small private shareholders.

The segment of interest to the group includes smart clients able to use innovative technologies that simplify the communication infrastructure and not only to reduce telephone