Voip service

Net2You is running a full IP soft switch multi-service network with global MPLS capabilities carrying several millions minutes annually.
 All customers receive either full A to Z or specific country termination routes through Net2You is excellent quality routing at best pricing available.
Thanks to this extensive experience and its state-of-the-art network architecture, S.I.P. is able to interconnect native carriers and Service Providers (either SIP or H.323 with the most advanced protocols) in order to offer customized excellent voice solution.

mobile voip application

For using mobile VoIP, you need to have a mobile phone that is compatible with the service you choose, download and install a softphone, and use it to make and receive free calls to and from your buddies.
You could call through VoIP on your mobile phone just like you would on a PC, but through a wireless network. So, basically it can be as free as with
software based VoIP service, as long as you call people using the same service on their PC or mobile phone. But your cost will not always be nil since you need connection through a wireless service - a data plan (which is not free, in most places). WiFi can be free in hotspots or at home - if you have a wireless router showering your house with Internet connection from your ADSL line. But then still, you need to have a mobile phone that has WiFi connectivity.

Calling cards service.

Net2You Prepaid calling card technology offers customers to make International calls from their land line or cell phone with the benefit of using reduced VoIP rates. PC Offers Prepaid calling card services to variety of consumer segments likeďż˝students, business and leisure travelers, expatriates and immigrants globally. The solution is also suitable for carriers, service providers, Telecom companies and other service provider interested in offering calling card services. 
Net2You offers two types of Calling card service,

  • PIN based Calling Card Services
  • PINLESS Calling card Services.